:-) Niklas Hallqvist

Welcome to my home on the Net. I hope your stay here will be pleasant. When I didn't have any scanned photograph of me, I used a simple self-portrait instead. I thought you might want to see that one still. Anyway, I'll soon put up a better photography of me so that you can see me eyes.

Ways to reach me on the net:

Email (MIME): niklas@appli.se
IRC: niklas (mainly channel #netbsd)
WWW:http://www.appli.se/niklas/ (this page)
I also have phone, fax and snailmail.


* Chalmers Computer Society member
* Chalmers University student
* Applitron Datasystem AB employee & co-owner


* Master's thesis
Porting Mach4 (a variant of the CMU Mach microkernel) and Lites (4.4 BSD on top of Mach) to the m68k architecture. When this is done, maybe the HURD comes next... However this project is on hold for the moment. I hope to get back to it, though.
* NetBSD/OpenBSD
I enjoy hacking the BSD kernels. You can read about my efforts & customizations if it pleases you.
* G++/GCC
The GNU C/C++ compiler where I've mainly done front-end C++ hacking. I also take interest in keeping these tools working for Net- & OpenBSD.


I have two children: Felix <felix@appli.se>, and Filippa <filippa@appli.se>. four and six years of age. If you click on the thumbnail to the left you'll get a slightly larger image of them. If you want to get in touch with their mother, my wife Kia, mail to <kia@appli.se>. She is the woman behind Designia. For the spring I am home alone with the kids, while Kia is attending a course in Interactive medias. This is her homepage at the coursesite (not done by her). At this course she did a QuickTime movie about 2 stars on a story by Filippa.

My mother Inger <inger.hallqvist@abc.se> is also on the net. She'd love a visit (or mail) from you. My brother Ingvar <ingvar@appli.se>, my sister Cecilia <cecilia@appli.se>, her husband Peter <peter@appli.se> and their daughter Isa <isa@appli.se> also have web & mail access. On top of that Ingvar's wife Elisabeth <elisabeth@appli.se> and their kids: Rebecca <rebecca@appli.se> and Lasse <lasse@appli.se> have email.


The daemon picture is derived from work copyright 1988 Marshall Kirk McKusick.
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